Evaluating the Role of Brand Ambassadors in Social Media

Alireza Naser Sadrabadi, Mahyar Kamali Saraji, Mohammad MonshiZadeh


Cyberspace has provided new tools for marketers to improve the efficiency of marketing communications and new approaches to acquire and retain customers. Online inter-personal interaction is one of cyberspace aspects. Individual inter-personal influence in online environments affects customer evaluation and decisions about buying a product or brand. Social networks have created effective communication channels for word of mouth spread of message. Word of mouth communication is a way to achieve a competitive advantage. Therefore, the present study aimed to evaluate role of brand ambassador in Electronic Word of Mouth advertising in Instagram and Novin Charm brand. The present study investigated dimensions of brand equity, brand awareness, brand image and Electronic Word of Mouth advertising. Statistical population of research included followers of official page of Novin Charm brand in Instagram social network. Total statistical population was about 50,000 subjects from whom 381 were selected as samples by Morgan table. According to research results, the brand ambassador can affect the electronic word of mouth advertising. This effectiveness can be strengthened through creation of a brand image and increase in the brand awareness.

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