History of Advertising in Pakistan

Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Aisha Siddiqui


The purpose of this paper was to present a historical overview of advertising in Pakistan and highlight major developments within a particular era. Discourse analysis was used to present the dynamics in the marketplace that have changed the way advertising has been practiced in this region. The development and evolution of advertising have been extraordinary in Pakistan. Started as less than $ 1000 industry inflated to several billion dollars industry in just sixty four years. Over the period of time the advertising industry underwent different phases of evolution. These phases can be categorized on the bases of major socio-political conditions prevailing in the country. First Era (1947 – 1964) Characterizes by small number of players in the newly formed advertising industry; very few businesses taking advantage of advertising techniques; advertising reach limiting to mainly urban geographic regions; advertising medium limited  to print ads; Radio emerged as new promising advertising media. Second Era (1964 – 1978) Arrival of television stations made a drastic change in the existing advertising practices. The new visual messaging services seemed more attractive and effective source of communication. Third Era (1978 – 1988) New advertising ideologies took over the old ones. The colour TV broadcast and classical jingles made it a vintage era.  Fourth Era (1988 – 1998) New graphic technologies were used to facilitate the limited time frame concepts.  Fifth Era (1998 – 2008) The rise of golden age witnessed modern advertising and visual effects. Industry growth increased 500 times with talents and man power. Sixth Era (2008 – 2010) Animations, Indian production and Indian celebrities highlighted the glamorous era. Global recession felt and low budgeted advertising industry-tier produced low-rate and below par advertisements. Based on their interests, users of this study have been classified into two distinct categories, i.e., academics and corporate users. Academics may find this research instrumental in their teachings and research activities. The corporate users may act as mentors for this research by sharing their relevant experience and may note lessons for their corporate practices. 

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Media Advertising Spend in Pakistan Gallup Pakistan Ltd.


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