Brands Failure: Factor Analytic Findings

Kausar Saeed, Kamran Ahmad Siddiqui


The major objective of this study was to summarize the brand failures in Pakistan from three different dimensions (a) indicators for brand failure, (b) reasons of brand failure and (c) tactics to save brands from permanent failure. The study benefited from both qualitative and quantitative methods. In the initial phase interviews and focus groups with senior marketing professionals developed the questionnaire. In the confirmatory part 196 respondents participated in the surveys who were brand experts in their fields. Data related to indicators of brand failures, reasons of brand failure, tactics to save the brand from permanent was analysed using Exploratory Factor analyses separately. Findings of the study suggested that indicators of brand failure can be categorized in two classes; one related to the Brand Promotional aspect and the other is Brand Performance in the market. Reasons for brand failures are summarized into seven categories i.e., Branding Pillars, Branding Incompetence, Brand Performance, Brand Origin, Brand Image, Brand Competition and Brand Strategy. The study has also summarized the tactics to save the brand from permanent failure into three tactics i.e., Macro Branding, Micro Branding and Core Branding Practices.

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