Consumer Vulnerability due to Health Risk; Empirical Study based on CKDu Endemic Regions in Sri Lanka.

Hirudini Kaushalya Cooray, D. S. R. Samarasinghe


Health risk is becoming an emerging topic in multi- disciplinary studies. Similarly the consumer behavioral studies also make the attention on reviewing the behaviors of individual in health risk. Further it is observed the less power in consumption related decision making by the individuals with the higher degree of health risk assessed by them. Sri Lanka as a developing country with the agriculture base economy, CKDu has become a burning issue for the country in different perspectives. In which the study evaluate the level of consumer vulnerability experience by the individuals based on the disparities in the risk assessment. The data collected using self-administrated questionnaire the validated measuring scale for the consumer vulnerability is used and in analysisng the collected data it has used the SPSS software with the mean comparison techniques. In analyzing study considered the administrative classification of the CKDu risk factor and collect the data on consumer vulnerability representing the identified three risk segments. Based on the quantitative data analysis undertake it is identified the significant difference in the level of consumer vulnerability based on the disparities in risk assessment. Based on the main finding it is recommending for the policy makers and the business entities to identify risk as a segmenting base which differentiate the behaviors of the individuals in the similar characteristics.

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