Consumer Studies in the 21st Century: A Bibliometric Case Study

Mayukh Mukhopadhyay


International Journal of Consumer Studies (IJCS) has gradually evolved into a journal of international repute that publishes progressive and tested theories on a range of topics related to consumer research. After two decades in the 21st century, this article takes stock of the advances contributed by IJCS using a bibliometric rear-view analysis. This study identifies the IJCS’s most influential articles, most prolific contributors and their affiliations, and a thematic mapping of frequently used keywords that reveals their semantic associations along with factors influencing citations of the IJCS corpus from 2001 to 2020. Apart from informing IJCS readers about possible future avenues of the journal, this study aims in providing valuable information to its editorial board.

Keywords: International Journal of Consumer Studies, Biblioshiny, Scopus, Thematic Mapping, VOSviewer, Sankey plot

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