Factors Influencing the Online Food Delivery Services Apps on Purchase Intention Among Customers In Klang Valley, Malaysia During COVID-19

Assoc Prof Dr. Rozita Naina Mohamed, Assistant Prof Dr. Anusara Sawangchai, Mohd Saifullah Rusli, Assoc Prof Dr. Halimahton Borhan


Online services of food delivery are more critical than ever. Customers are getting comfortable using the apps for services to order the meals they want via their smartphone using the apps. This research is therefore carried out to examine the key factors affecting the intention of customers to use online food delivery services among customers in the Klang Valley during Covid-19 in 2020. The research investigated the most significant factors that influence the customer purchase intention on using Online Food Delivery (OFD) services. There are 4 independent variables which we are focusing on; time, price factor, convenience motivation factor and food illustration. From the research, we have found out that convenience motivation factor is the most important exogenous variable that can influence purchase intention directly, sequentially through shopping motivations. The other factors that have a significant impact on a customer's purchase intentions are price and time factors. The least important factor that influences a customer’s purchase intention is the food illustrations. The study is carried out by gathering responses from over 167 participants. The results will show the factors influencing and the significant effect of using online food delivery services apps to run the businesses efficiently and more effectively in order to attract customer’s purchase intention.  The novelty of this study is by giving the strategies and opportunities to the online business entrepreneurs to enhance and boost their sales by using social media as a platform of online food delivery services apps to the community.


Keywords: Online food delivery systems, Convenience, Time Factor, Price Factor, Food Illustration

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