20 Years of Carpathian Euroregion

Anca Oltean, Constantin Țoca


            In the summary of this work entitled Memories, Successes, Reformation. Our Mutual Past-Our Common Future, Together for Europe. 20 years of Carpathian Euroregion (translation from Hungarian), Professor István Süli-Zakar points out that in the years 1990s countries such as  Hungary, Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia regarded each other with fear and lack of cooperation. One of the presumed centres of potential crises in the years 1990 was considered to be Carpathian region. The crisis in this region was dismantled and unfortunately nothing happened here. The author Süli-Zakar points out the role of creation of Carpathian Euroregion which has as target to foster good relations with the neighbours. Other objective accomplished by this organisation points out the author was to bring western European methods of expertise in the Carpathian region area.

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