Unconventional Research in USSR and Russia: Short Overview

Serge Kernbach


This paper provides a brief overview of unconventional research in the USSR and Russia from the end of 19th to the beginning of 21st centuries in areas of weak biophysical interactions, electromagnetic fields of biological organisms and psycho-biophysical mechanisms of the brain. The review is based on scientific and journalistic materials published in the open press. Originality of instrumental research related to generation and detection of biologically-active non-ionizing emissions is emphasized. The history of its emergence from the USSR’s state programs on new physical fields, biophysics and early quantum communication is shown. Maximal funding for all areas of unconventional research over 40 years is estimated at $0.5-1 billion, which is comparable to similar U.S. programs. This work discusses involvement of this research in development of ’non-classical’ weapons under the doctrine of nuclear deterrence and its potential in a new biological ’quantum arms race’

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