A Self-help Guide to Psychoanalysis in Cisgender Homosexual Male from Consciousness

Yang Pachankis


The article revisits the psychoanalytic process on the solution of Oedipus Complex in cisgender homosexual male in the context of dictatorial regime. It adopted a consciousness approach to the differentiation of psychological process of others and the self-inductive process of the pediatric solution to the cisgender-sexuality dichotomy. The original triangulation analogy of ménage à trois is explained in the healing of heterosexual exposures to dictatorial assertions on the familial structures, with initial findings of cyber-based media psychological intrusions from the communist propaganda generation mechanisms to the global economy. The article uses a comparative historic analysis method with sociology of knowledge in the context of marginalization of LGBTQIA+ persons from the existence of public consciousness. It differentiates the normative sexuality from the politicization of sexuality in creating forced identity. Brief explanations of the media psychology intrusions with cyber security concerns are included. With the Gestalt psychoanalysis in the solutions to cisgenderism and homosexuality, ménage à trois is justified on the differentiated growth paths of triangulation in cisgender persons for non-heterosexual identities with intimacy and affection in a familial structure.

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