Right to Health in Bangladesh in the Situation of Post Natural Calamities: An Analytical Overview

Nazmul Islam Chowdhury


Right health or access to health treatment is a fundamental human right of every citizen of every state, and even if there are any communities who are stateless, it is a moral obligation of the world community of civilized nations to ensure measures for addressing their health treatment necessity properly. Article 18 of the Constitution of Bangladesh (The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh)  provides provision by setting up guidelines for the state to take necessary step for improving the public health, which is to be considered as one of the primary duties of the state. Being a developing country, Bangladesh doesn’t have adequate infrastructure and workforce to provide standard and proper health services to its people. Bangladesh is a natural disaster-prone country and in the aftermath of these natural disaster situation of already insufficient health treatment becomes more critical. This qualitative study will try to find out the availability and accessibility of health and medical treatment services in the aftermath of the natural disaster. The major aspect of this study will be the scenario of flood and cyclone affected areas of Bangladesh, two of the most devastating natural calamities Bangladesh faces every year on two fronts.

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