Social CRM in the Airline Industry: A case study of Indian airline companies.

Joel Gnanprakash, Prasad Vasantrao Kulkarni


Social media opened new vistas of reaching consumers to airline companies. It has been evolving as a powerful communication and collaborative platform. Social CRM has empowered many to many collaborative tech savvy consumers (Laura). Low cost no frill segment put pressure on high end airline companies to slash their prices and bring down the cost enterprise wide. Social media helped such organizations to bring customers close to the company. Airline companies are sharing their info on social networking websites, forums, blogs, wikis and other programs. These enterprises also using the platform to capture new ideas obtain feedback and offer results to customer inquiries. Few of the social media, airliners even started social commerce pages on these platforms. The research outcomes highlighted that customer interaction; engagement and advocacy are similar across social media vehicles for airline companies. The research also found that airline companies in India yet haven’t understood the potential of YouTube and new vehicles like Foursquare.

Key words: Social Media, Social CRM, Collaboration, Social networking sites, Social commerce, customer engagement, customer advocacy, customer interaction

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