Review of Empirical Studies of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty

Fidel Bilika, Meysam Safari, Shaheen Mansori


The purpose of this study is to appraise various concepts and relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty to identify issues for future research based on the analysis of literature. The research examines several papers in service quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty reported in the literature applicable to the banking sector and related fields. The critical review of different literature in service quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty is intended to obtain linkage between them and highlight the area for future research. The review of various service quality studies revealed that service quality is a multidimensional concept, the outcome and measurements are dependent on the type of service context, need, and so forth. In addition, service quality is a determinant of customer satisfaction, and that customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty. This paper provides a rich agenda for future research in the subject.

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